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Managing publications on platforms

Red Label Agency can also put your singles, EPs, Mixtapes and Albums online for you.

We firmly believe that sharing your sounds on streaming platforms is just as important as uploading your clip to YouTube.

By 2022, 9.4 million French people will have subscribed to a streaming platform (Spotify , Deezer , Apple music…).

Music fans listen to their favourite artists on a daily basis, mainly via the streaming platforms to which they subscribe.

This means you can listen to your music at any time of day, on the way to or from school or work, during sport, while doing your chores…

YouTube allows you to impose an image and leave your mark on the viewer by turning them into listeners who you will accompany in their headphones every day.

Putting your sounds on the platforms will also give you the opportunity to be highlighted by the platforms’ algorithms.

  • Flow” on Deezer
  • Le “Daily mix” et “Release Radar” sur Spotify

If you are promoted by the platforms they will ensure that your music is offered to listeners who listen to the same style of music as you do.

Listeners are therefore targeted and increase your chances of building a fanbase thanks to streaming platforms.

What’s more, platforms can pay you according to the number of streams you generate:

Illustration des offres de distribution sur les plateformes musicales

To generate 1 euro from your sounds you need to do :

  • 116 streams on Apple Music
  • 214 streams on Deezer
  • 232 streams sur Amazon Music
  • 361 streams on Spotify
  • 681 streams on Youtube Music
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