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Boost your visibility with YouTube Ads

Our YouTube Ads Discovery + Instream campaigns

YouTube Ads campaigns 1/3 Discovery + 2/3 Instream

The advantage of combining Discovery and Instream is that the campaign will go live more quickly and you will benefit from a higher average viewing time while generating interaction (likes, comments, subscribers).

Our YouTube Ads Full Discovery campaigns

YouTube Ads 100% Discovery campaigns

The advantage of the Discovery format is that the rate of interaction (likes, comments, subscribers) will be higher than a campaign including Instream advertising.

Why invest in YouTube Ads campaigns?

Quite simply because YouTube is a colossal platform, with millions of viewers every day and just as many targets to conquer.

But to achieve this, it’s essential to rank among the top in terms of number of views.

So if you want to increase the visibility of your clips, video advertising on YouTube is the best way to get noticed.

At Red Label Agency, our mission is to help you achieve the goals you have set yourself.

That’s why, whatever YouTube Ads campaign format you choose – Full Discovery or Discovery + InStream – our team of YouTube Ads experts will find the right strategies for you.

It will ensure that your YouTube Ads campaigns produce optimum results.

This will increase your chances of reaching the right audience, achieving your objectives and multiplying the number of views you get on YouTube.

But that’s not all: promoting your clip via YouTube Ads (Google Ads) campaigns customised by our experts will also enable you to be automatically suggested and recommended by YouTube.

In short, this means that your video will enter the YouTube algorithm and that you will continue to get views on YouTube even after your promotion has ended.

YouTube Ads campaigns

Discovery or InStream ads?

YouTube Ads campaigns

You’re probably wondering what the differences are between TrueView ads in Discovery format and those in InStream format.

So here’s a little briefing to enlighten you.

Discovery advert

The Discovery advert will display your video/clip with suggestions from other artists in the same universe as your content. Each view generated will correspond to a person who has made the decision to click on your video/clip to view it.

Discovery will bring viewers directly to your channel and facilitate interaction (likes, subscriptions, comments).

InStream announcement

The Instream advert (ignore ads) will display your video/clip before another video similar to your content while targeting an audience likely to like your music.

Each person who views your ad will have the opportunity to subscribe directly to your YouTube channel, and watch your other videos, thus getting you more views on your YouTube channel.

Choose the format that suits you best!

📢 If you want a campaign with more than 100k views, that’s also possible.

If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to discuss the matter.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.