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Are you looking for a recognised and certified YouTube communications agency to promote your videos?

So look no further, you’ve come to the right page.

Red Label Agency is a certified Google Partner music communications agency.

Our YouTube Ads & Google Ads experts work on a daily basis with record labels and popular and independent artists, who trust us completely to increase their real YouTube view figures through YouTube Ads (Google Ads).

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True View Discovery and InStream ads

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YouTube ads,real youtube views
Discovery ad (YouTube Ads)

The Discovery advert is an advert displayed as a suggestion for videos similar to your content.

This ad format greatly increases your chances of getting views on YouTube.

Your video will appear as a thumbnail in your News Feed and as a suggestion for video creators in the same universe on YouTube.

This is the advert in yellow, giving the audience the choice of voluntarily clicking on your video.

The Discovery format makes it easier for viewers to like, comment on and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

What’s more, each viewer is a different person. This will help you to create a community of passionate Internet users and get your videos seen by as many people as possible.

The In Stream ad (YouTube Ads)

InStream advertising is displayed as an advert at the start of a video similar to your content. Here, users are targeted primarily by their centre of interest.

Your ad will appear on the entire screen.

The InStream format gives you a better average viewing time per view on YouTube.

The advantage of this format is that everyone who views your ad will have the opportunity to subscribe directly to your channel.

Internet users will also be able to watch your other videos. As a result, views on your YouTube channel will multiply in proportion to the performance of your ads.

In conclusion, advertising on YouTube increases your credibility in the eyes of viewers. They’ll remember your name more easily and your future fans will be loyal.

YouTube ads,real youtube views
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With over 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s normal for your videos to fade into the background and the number of views not to take off.

With more than 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s normal for your videos to fade into the background and the number of views not to take off.

This solution . is YouTube Ads (Google Ads).

Setting up a YouTube Ads campaign

To transform your YouTube channel into a vector of visibility, we can orchestrate your YouTube Ads campaign.

We’ll put in place a strategy to ensure your videos get views, interaction and engagement.

The aim is above all to showcase your sounds and improve your visibility on the web with your target audience.

This strategy will be based on two main pillars:

  • Intelligent suggestion, which consists of placing your video in the suggestions of popular artists with a similar universe to yours.
  • Precise targeting of the audience you want to reach by type of audience (countries, cities, languages spoken, broadcasting times, gender, age, interests, etc.). This targeting enables you to reach a specific type of user without the risk of targeting the wrong audience.

And… remember that your YouTube views will continue to multiply even after the YouTube Ads campaign has ended.

Because the more real views you have on YouTube, the more YouTube will promote you (recommend you).

Are you a company? An SME? An independent? An association or a cooperative? We work with a large number of artists, but not only!

Whatever your sector of activity, we’re here to help you boost your video advertising campaigns. We will deal with your request as quickly and carefully as possible.

Why choose Red Label Agency rather than another music promotion agency?

Music promotion is often seen as an optional extra. This is often the case for independent artists and singers. But the most important step is to get your music in front of your audience.

Red Label Agency, a music promotion agency, offers you a practical, accessible solution tailored to your project: you give us the information we need, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our YouTube Ads experts will be on hand quickly to set up your YouTube advertising campaigns. The advantage of our solution is that you’re completely integrated into the process, since you can easily track the progress of your YouTube Ads campaigns on your YouTube Studio Analytics interface.

The aim of the ads published is to target Internet users who are most likely to be interested in your music. Since we take care of managing your campaigns, our targeting is set to be as precise as possible to match these users.

Although it is a stand-alone solution, Red Label Agency attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. If you need further information or have any specific questions, you can contact our team of YouTube Ads experts directly. Our music communications agency is available from 10am to 10pm every day of the week: we’ll be delighted to help you!