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Promoting your music on Deezer: Our 5 tips for effective promotion

There are many music platforms, such as Spotify or Deezer, where you can share your music. We’ve already talked about how to promote your music on these different media when you’re a new artist: now it’s Deezer’s turn!

Deezer is a music streaming platform with a library of almost 60 million tracks. It enables independent artists to promote their music and distribute it to a wide audience.In France, the streaming platform has over 2 million subscribers, and 15 million internationally, making it the world’s third-largest music streaming platform behind Spotify and Apple Music.

But how can you promote your music effectively so that it is visible on Deezer? Here’s our advice on how to promote yourself effectively on the French music platform.

promouvoir sa musique sur deezer

How can Deezer help you make a name for yourself as an artist?

Deezer can help you make a name for yourself as an artist by showcasing your music on its platform. The French platform offers interesting features for artists, such as the possibility of creating an artist page, publishing exclusive content for fans and managing one’s own community.

In practice, Deezer will serve as a distribution platform for your music (thanks to playlists and the broadcast algorithm) rather than a promotion platform. Your options are fairly limited if you want to use the streaming platform as a lever for promoting your sounds.

On the other hand, having a presence on Deezer allows you to distribute your sounds more effectively to your audience, particularly those who are not on other platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. It’s a way for you to be present on all the platforms where your target audience can listen to you or find you.

Promoting your sounds effectively on Deezer: our 5 tips and tricks

Deezer allows artists to publish and promote their sounds directly on the platform. So it’s an excellent tool for musicians who want to promote themselves. You just need to know how to go about it! Here are 5 tips to help you promote your sounds effectively on Deezer.

Create your artist profile on Deezer

Illustration faire connaître ses sons sur Deezer

To take full advantage of everything Deezer has to offer, it’s important to set up your artist page properly. First of all, choose a nice profile photo and cover image that represent your music, your world and your image as an artist. Then complete the information on your page: introduce yourself and describe your music in a few words.

You can also highlight specific titles or albums on your profile. This is particularly useful for promoting your latest musical release, whether it’s a track, a featuring or an album.

Don’t forget to add links to your social networks and your website so that fans can easily follow you on your various networks: it’s by getting all your social profiles to communicate that you’ll gradually build a solid, lasting community.

Don’t hesitate to make the most of the various features offered by Deezer to promote your image and improve your chances of getting your sounds discovered.

Create a Deezer for Creators account to integrate your sounds

Deezer allows artists, whether they are independent singers or music groups, to consult their data in real time, to find out more about the impact of their music and their publication, the profile of their audience and listeners’ favourite music.

In short, the team is putting these tools in place to enable artists and musical groups to know where they stand, what their level is and what impact they are having on their audience.

To make full use of your account statistics, you need to have access to the Deezer analysis tool. To do this, you need to register as a musician on the platform via a specialist distributor. There are a host of distributors available, some of which offer free packages but with very limited usage. You will therefore have to pay for a package.

Red Label Agency can distribute your music on the streaming platform of your choice, including Deezer.

Contact our experts to find out more!

Make featurings

Another way of getting yourself known quickly, even if it’s not dedicated to the French music platform, is by doing featurings.

Find other artists in the same universe as you (or not) with a community that matches your audience and make collaborations.

The equation is simple: the more you collaborate with other artists, the more visible you will be to their audience, which means you can make a name for yourself fairly quickly.

It’s all about using your relationships (or creating new ones!) to reach an audience that already exists with one of your partners/competitors.

However, this audience will not necessarily be interested in your music. So it’s a good way of raising your profile, but it’s not necessarily enough to build up a lasting fanbase of users to promote your music on Deezer.

Post new sounds regularly

Creating quality music with a good mix is a prerequisite, especially when the listener is listening to streaming music. But beyond sound quality, consistency is the key!

Find your own publication rhythm, which is neither too regular nor too infrequent, to satisfy your community’s thirst for news.

This tip applies just as much to Deezer as to other music publishing platforms. On Deezer, you can showcase your latest releases on your social networks directly from your Deezer for Creator account.

Once again, we strongly encourage you to share your social profiles and promote your sounds, published on Deezer, on your various networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and why not Tik Tok.

Illustration d'artiste pour la promotion de musique sur Deezer

Create playlists or subscribe to playlists that are already well implemented

Internet users rarely stumble across your music on the various music distribution platforms.

On Deezer as elsewhere, the best way to make yourself known is to be as visible as possible and to have your music included in playlists.

That’s how you can build up a community that will discover your music for the first time and want to find out more about you.

Note that having your sounds included in Deezer playlists allows you to target a specific audience, who listen to a specific type of music, but that doesn’t mean that your audience will explode overnight.

In reality, there will be :

  • a few Internet users who listen to your music from time to time
  • some will ignore
  • some will like it
  • some people won’t like it
  • and some people will like it so much they’ll want to know more about you and your other sounds.

At this stage, you need to understand that the best way to promote your music on Deezer is to have an overall harmony between :

  • regularity of publication
  • the reach of your music, thanks in particular to featurings and playlists
  • as well as the patience to see your user and fan base build up little by little, which is generally done in the uncertainty of budding artists

Is Deezer really the most effective way of getting your sound out there?

If you’re an artist or musician looking to make a name for yourself, it’s important to choose the right platforms for your music. Deezer is a very popular music streaming platform, but is it really the best way to get your music out there?

Unlike SoundCloud or Bandcamp. You cannot download your music and host it on Deezer.

This means that Internet users cannot listen to your music without a connection and a subscription to Deezer. The advantage of this French music platform is that there are 30 days free for the premium version, which allows unlimited listening. Alternatively, Internet users can listen to Deezer free of charge, with no time limit, provided that they include advertising.

It’s possible to promote your music on Deezer, but there are certain limits regarding the distribution of remixes and other copyright-restricted content without the owners’ permission.

The big advantage, on the other hand, is that Deezer has always had a policy of promoting independent artists and labels.

In reality, Deezer is very interesting if you want to distribute your music to as many people as possible, but it’s not the best way to promote your music.

There are other, more effective ways of promoting your music, such as advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (which is the number one source of visibility for independent artists).

The best way to make yourself known as an artist is to go and find your audience where they really are.

Since YouTube is the number one platform where Internet users go to listen to music (searches including the term “music” are the most frequently searched for according to Google’s streaming platform), it would be wiser toinvest time and money in a communication tool that will really grow your audience.

To boost your results, you can invest in YouTube Ads, which will give you a direct presence in the videos viewed by your target audience, who are most likely to follow your music and your route.

To achieve this, Red Label Agency has developed a range of advertising services for YouTube :

  • you provide us with all the information and resources we need to create the advertisements
  • we’ll take care of setting up, targeting and placing your ads online, for a fixed fee.
  • Everything is actionable: you have access to your advertising campaigns, your results and your return on investment in real time!

If you’re interested in making yourself visible to your target audience and building your community quickly and effectively, take a look at our various offers for YouTube advertising.

Our team of music promotion professionals will be happy to provide you with any further information you may require!

In short, Deezer can be a very useful tool for distributing your music. But used properly, it can also help you to become better known as an artist. Promoting your music on Deezer is possible, but as with other music distribution platforms, you need to be regular, patient and innovative.

So don’t wait any longer – create your artist page now!

FAQ - Promoting your music on Deezer

It is highly recommended that you include your music in playlists on streaming platforms. Even if it’s not a prerequisite in itself, being visible on the various platforms where your target audience may be located will enable you to build up a consistent and lasting community.

There are various techniques you can use to promote your music on Deezer. The first is to create an artist page on the site, adding a biography and a profile photo that reflects your world. You can then share your page with your friends and fans on social networks.

The second technique involves uploading exclusive content to Deezer, such as albums or previously unreleased tracks. This content allows Internet users to discover your music and become familiar with your style.

Even if it’s not the most widely used platform in France, having a presence on Deezer gives you exposure to a specific audience that isn’t on Spotify or Apple Music, for example.

What’s more, you don’t have to invest a lot of time on Deezer, so you can get a lot of exposure for very little money. Don’t hesitate to create your profile and track your performance using the various tools on the music platform: you can easily take advantage of this service and the dedicated application to track your performance.

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