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Spotify’s official playlists are highly influential and can help you get into Spotify’s algorithm, generating even more streams for your new sound and even views on YouTube.

There are several ways to integrate Spotify’s official playlists:

  • Stream your sound as soon as it’s released
  • Have a Spotify playlist curator contact
  • Make a request Pitch on Spotify for Artist

The best solution, in our opinion, is to integrate several independent playlists with a large number of listeners on Spotify as soon as the track is released.

This will generate quite a few streams (unofficial playlists).

You can contact us directly on Instagram so that we can put you in touch with our many playlist partners.

But above all, the best solution is to make a Pitch request on Spotify for Artist. (

Spotify for Artistest is an application/website that allows you to see all your Spotify sound statistics.

(Find out more about HOW TO SEE YOUR STREAMS(Deezer for Creator / Spotify Artist / APPLE MUSIC)

To request a pitch for your Spotify playlist, you need to have already distributed your track in advance.


It’s best to distribute your track at least 2 or 3 weeks before its release.

In particular, don’t turn your sound off at midnight on a Friday, because that’s when the playlists are updated.

A few days after you have requested distribution of your sound, you will see in your Spotify for Artist “Upcoming release” with the track in question, which will be released on the date you have chosen.

On the Spotify for Artist home page, there’s a ‘Pitch a song’ tab, so all you have to do is click on it and follow the instructions.

This form is fairly simple to fill in.

Try really hard to be relevant in the content of your song description, talk as much as possible about your piece, what style, what audience it might appeal to. You can also talk about yourself as an artist, the scores you have achieved on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram…

In conclusion, it’s important to sell your song as widely as possible!

This pitch request doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be placed in Spotify’s official playlists, but it does increase the chances!

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