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Today, streaming platforms have become very influential.

  • Spotify , Deezer , Apple Musicare becoming the number 1 platforms for music listening.
  • Spotify has 345 million monthly listeners worldwide.
  • Deezerd has 16 million listeners every month worldwide.
  • Apple Music has 60 million listeners per month worldwide.

By 2022, one in 2 people will be listening to music on streaming platforms.

mettre ses sons sur les plateformes de streaming et collaborations YouTube Ads

That’s why it’s so important in 2022 to post your sounds on streaming platforms, so that your music can evolve and be discovered by the general public.

Several websites offer this distribution service (Distrokid – Spinnup – Tunecore).you can choose the delivery date of the sound or the project – put the cover, etc.You can also select which streaming platforms you want to be on.

Our preference is for Distrokid, which is a very intuitive site with an annual payment.

How much do streaming platforms pay? (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, Tidal…)

As well as reaching a new audience on streaming platforms, you also get paid if your tracks generate streams.

Depending on the platform, remuneration varies considerably:

  • For Spotify you are paid €390 for 1000 streams
  • For Deezerv you are paid €5.50 per 1000 streams
  • For Apple Music you are paid €7 per 1000 streams
  • For Tidal, you are paid €11 per 1,000 streams
  • And for Napster, you are paid €17 per 1000 streams.

In comparison, on YouTube you receive just under €1 for every 1,000 views.

In conclusion, when it comes to streaming platform fees, Napster pays the most.