Red Label Agency

Promote your sounds via Spotify playlists

Now that your music is available on the platforms, it will be important to promote it so that new people discover your music.

We work with around thirty playlisters, all of whom create playlists featuring different styles of music (Rap, Trap, Drill, Chill, Party Sounds, US Rap, Rock, Pop…).

Playlists also have different levels of visibility, so they can be tailored to each artist’s objectives.

Our playlists attract between 3,000 and 190,000 listeners a month.

If you join one of our playlists, you’ll be able to track your streams directly on Spotify For Artist.

The application details the number of streams generated by each playlist. This will allow you to compare them and see which one brings you the most listeners.

Including playlists will increase your chances of being highlighted by the Youtube algorithm, expanding your fanbase and also being discovered by record companies.


If you would like more information about creating a pocket folder, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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