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Understand the different contracts for buying (instrumental) prods. MP3 - WAV - WAV + Pistes - LEASING - EXCLU

It’s very important to buy your instrumental if you’re releasing your sound on YouTube or streaming platforms: if you don’t have the rights to this instrumental, the beatmaker can turn against you and make you blow up your sound and even go further than that.

FREE BEAT” only applies to non-commercial use (freestyle video on instagram, snapchat or for yourself). Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… are all commercial platforms and you are therefore obliged to purchase the instrumental in order to have full rights to your track.

    • The MP3 format is the cheapest, the sound quality is normal and the instrument is generally sold to anyone who wants to buy it (so there’s a good chance that other artists will use the same instrument as you on their tracks).
    • The WAV format is a little more expensive than the MP3 format, but the quality of the instrumental is better than in the MP3 format. Generally speaking, the rights remain the same as for MP3.
    • The track-by-track format is the most interesting format because, as its name suggests, you have each track of the instrumental (guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc.) which allows your sound engineer to mix each track of the instrumental for better sound quality (and this is very noticeable).
    • Instrumental LEASING Leasing means, in a way, that you rent the instrumental, more precisely by buying it on lease, you will receive a contract between the beatmaker and yourself (the artist) which will tell you that with this contract you can use this instrumental up to 200K streams for example, 200 radio plays, 100 000 views on youtube etc… It also means that any artist who also buys the instrumental on lease, will be able to use the same instrumental as you with all the same rights as you (this is quite annoying).
    • EXCLU, this contract is the most expensive and allows you to have the instrumental with all the separate tracks. By taking out this contract you will be the sole owner of the instrumental and no-one else will be able to buy it (although it will remain available to former artists who have taken out leasing contracts).
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