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YouTube trends


YouTube trends are now a huge source of traffic for content creators (artists / film trailers / video games / youtubers…).

YouTube’s algorithm will determine which videos will appear as suggestions based on various criteria: the number of views in the first few hours after the video has been broadcast, the number of likes, comments, subscriptions after viewing, etc.

So you can’t pay YouTube directly to appear in trends. But setting up a YouTube Ads campaign with good targeting parameters will increase your chances of becoming part of YouTube trends.

YouTube Trends allow YouTube users to find out what’s going on in the world at the moment, whether it’s music, video games or films…

The aim is to highlight all types of video that could potentially be of interest to a wide audience, in order to generate as much traffic as possible.

The list of YouTube trends is updated every 15 minutes, and each video can move up, down, stay in the same place or move out of the trends according to the feedback received from users.

But how do you get into the YouTube trends?

For YouTube trends, YouTube selects the most relevant videos that have just been released, the videos with the most views, but above all the videos with the most interaction and engagement (likes, comments, subscribers, shares, etc.).

YouTube will give you a high profile (YouTube Trend) if you generate a lot of YouTube views, likes, comments, subscribers and shares in less than 48 hours (Only real French views for French Trends).

Advertising on YouTube (YouTube Ads) can help you target YouTube trends and generate maximum traffic for your video. Obviously, this only works if it’s real. If you buy fake views, likes, subscribers, etc. it won’t work and YouTube will remove them and even blacklist your channel. YouTube takes all these criteria into account in order to present users with as many relevant videos as possible that might be of interest to them and that represent the YouTube platform.

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