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Albums that made their mark in January and February

Moha MMZ releases his first Solo album!

A very good first solo album, with effective feats, originality and a good mastery of stylistic figures. His voice glides over the prods like an Australian surfer on the waves of Sidney. Put on your headphones, listen to Moha’s project and forget your worries.

3,360 equivalent sales in the first week.

  • 1,399 physical (42%)
  • 25 downloads (1%)
  • 1,936 streaming (57%%)

Our favourite = BUG

Moha MMZpremier album Solo Euphoria

KAARIS x KALASH CRIMINEL SVR The bloody connection everyone’s been waiting for

The two terrorists of French rap have reunited to offer an apocalyptic project, with raw punchlines of unheard-of violence, and the osmosis between the two rappers that we found in “Arrêt du coeur”.

13,225 first-week sales equivalent.

  • 2,049 physical (15%)
  • 211 downloads (1%)
  • 10,995 streaming (84%)

Favourite = King Von

VALD V The Record Project!

Album Annunaki- Vald

2 years without a solo album from Vald, his comeback was bloody with his Annunaki video, and his first-week sales figures even more so.

Very good album (not his best), no skips, no hits but tracks full of melancholy, love and observations on our sad society.

74,093 equivalent sales in the first week.

  • 52,225 physical (70%)
  • 509 downloads (1%)
  • 21,359 streaming (29%)

Coup de Coeur = The iron scythe

JAZZY BAZZ MEMORIA One of the best albums of the new year (if not the best)

Jazzy bazz - Album Memoria

Jazzy bazz is back with a vengeance with a full-length album, more than original flows and prods, incredible in every style and a pen that would make ¾ of the rap game dream.

12,672 first-week sales equivalent.

  • 4,837 physical (38%)
  • 127 downloads (1%)
  • 7,708 streams (61%)

Favourite = Arkham Anthem

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