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Why is buying fake YouTube views pointless?

Nowadays, it’s very easy to buy fake views on YouTube. Many websites sell you fake views, likes, comments, subscribers, etc. This is of no interest to your YouTube video, on the contrary, it can generate a lot of negative points.

Each review on Youtube that you generate on your video, Youtube runs a robot over your video. to check its origin. (external source , notification , suggestion , advertisement on youtube , advertisement on instagram…) If you have bought fake views on your Youtube video, the Youtube robot will quickly realise this and delete them as soon as possible.

What’s more, contrary to what those famous sites that sell you fake views on Youtube guarantee you, you won’t fit into the Youtube algorithm at all on the contrary, by dint of having false traffic on your Youtube channel this one will be more Hardly listed and probably blacklisted from Youtube(Chain blocked)

To conclude, buying fake views on Youtube is useless and can lead to problems on your Youtube channel. Robots will have no opinion on your music. The only way today to get real views on Youtube is through advertising on Youtube (Youtube Ads/Google Ads).

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