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Advertising on YouTube, well-known artists

These days, everyone advertises on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat but especially on YouTube, even well-known artists. Why do they use advertising on YouTube when they are already well known? Simply to keep their name out there, to remind you that they’ve just released a video or an album/EP that you’re going to stream afterwards. But also to target YouTube trends.

YouTube trends drive a huge amount of traffic to your video, and advertising on YouTube (YouTube Ads) can help you get into the YouTube trends if you generate a lot of views and interaction (likes, comments, subscribers, shares, etc.) in a short space of time.

Obviously, this only works if they are real views on YouTube. If you buy fake views, likes, subscribers, etc. it won’t work and YouTube will remove them and even blacklist your channel. What’s more, advertising on YouTube with YouTube Ads gives you access to YouTube’s algorithm.

In other words, + there are views on your video (only real ones) + YouTube will put you in the spotlight (without advertising). More precisely, thanks to YouTube Ads, YouTube will place you in “recommendations” or suggestions automatically (without advertising), which will generate much more traffic to your video than if you hadn’t advertised.