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spot fake YouTube views


Today, the only way to get real views on YouTube is through advertising on YouTube, also known as YouTube Ads or Google Ads. and the only way to find out if the views you’ve bought aren’t fake is to go into your YouTube Studio Analytics where you can see all the analytics data for your video.

In other words: where do the views come from, how old are the viewers, how many views have you generated thanks to snapchat, instagram, etc. advertising, how long on average do viewers watch your video…).

When you advertise on YouTube with Google Ads (Youtube Ads), you will see a tab in your YouTube Studio Analytics (traffic source) labelled “Advertising on YouTube”.

You’ll be able to track the progress of your YouTube Ads campaign every day, check where views are coming from on YouTube, etc.

If you don’t see this tab displayed and you have bought views on a site, they are fake views.

Quite simply, because the only way to generate real views is through advertising on YouTube. (YouTube Ads/Google Ads)

What’s more, all the sites that sell you likes, comments and subscribers on YouTube are bogus.

repérer fausses vues YouTube

Why is this?

Quite simply, because you can’t pay people to interact with your YouTube video.

You can’t guarantee an exact number of likes, comments and subscribers on YouTube, nor can you know in advance how people will react to your video, how many viewers there will be for every 5,000 YouTube views, for example.

It all depends on your content and targeting…

Everyone reacts differently on YouTube, and there are viewers who may come across your video in advertising and who may really like your content. But they won’t necessarily be thinking about subscribing or liking…

And very often, if you buy fake views on YouTube, YouTube will remove them, because they can see straight away where the views in question come from.

As a result, you will lose views on your video and even your YouTube channel runs the risk of being blacklisted.

What’s more, YouTube will never put you in the spotlight.