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Agence Marketing Musical


We are a digital marketing and communications agency specialising in the music industry, based in Nice.

As Google Ads experts and Google Partners, we’re your best solution for increasing your number of views on YouTube through interaction.

The aim of our advertising is to introduce your videos/clips to web users who are watching content similar to yours.

We study each video in detail to take into account all the targeting parameters needed to target the right audience (age, location, languages spoken, musical tastes, similar artists, etc.) with the aim of moving your video into suggestions of popular clips in the same musical universe as your content.

This will increase your chances of creating a real community/fanbase and getting yourself known to a large audience on YouTube.

With thousands of advertising campaigns carried out over the last 6 months and over 6 million views generated on YouTube thanks to YouTube Ads, we are now your best solution for promoting your music on YouTube.

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