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Our YouTube Ads partnerships

What are your YouTube Ads collaborations?

We’ve run thousands of campaigns and generated over 10 million views thanks to YouTube Ads.

That’s why we collaborate every month with hundreds of independent artists, some better known than others.

These artists ask us to increase their visibility and notoriety on YouTube via YouTube Ads campaigns.

But our YouTube Ads collaborations don’t stop there.

In fact, we also work with labels and record companies such as Universal Music France, . Sony Music France and Warner Music France, who have placed their full trust in us.

These days, advertising is essential for making a name for yourself, especially for independent artists just starting out.

If you’re an artist who’s already established, advertising is still worthwhile.

In fact, all artists use it to inform their audience of a new release.

Advertising can also help you become a YouTube trend-setter and get even more traffic to your video.. (Find out more about HOW TO GET INTO YOUTUBE TRENDS)

Put your trust in Red Label Agency!

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